Ladies Football Club, Dublin, Ireland

Under 10 Team

Sunday, 3rd December
Shelbourne vs Ashbourne.


The under 10’s were off to a flying start early on with

some well worked goals from Orla and Hallie. Due to the

absence of our regular keeper, Robyn hopped in nets and

played absolutely super conceding no goals in the first

half and playing smart football quickly from her kick-outs. Amber worked well from the back tidying up and making some super runs forward showing great skill. Maya played her best game of the season with her reading of the game in defence, stopping anything coming her way and playing the forwards in on a counter attack. 


The second half saw Kayla take the reins in goal showing a great natural aptitude for the nets. Addison and Robyn led our forward line scoring multiple goals each, with both girls running the show in terms of ball control, confidence and skill while attacking. Orla continued to cover in defence in this half with great strength in addition to Mia who’s quick thinking, pace and timing troubled the oppositions forward line. Hallie also put her final stamp on the game in the second half to finish off with a few goals. The opposition came back with 2 well worked goals towards the second half, but our girls responded ten fold.


Final score 9-2. An excellent display by our girls!